Faerie Queen - Tesotia

  • The morning started off beautifully .

  • We walked up the valley looking at Faerie Queen.

  • I learned later that the peak is named after the epic pome by Harding.

  • Our route up provided lots of botanical observations.

  • Ryan checking to see if the East facing couloir went all the way.

  • This is all that remains of the Glacier on Faerie Queen.

  • We dropped down the south side first and had nice spring conditions.

  • Shane slashing some nice wind feature.

  • We could not ski this because it turned into a waterfall so we down climbed.

  • We got to the bottom of the water fall to see a clean snow patch down to the valley.

  • We had just walked over a big boulder field that the stream was running under. It was amazing to hear the water under my feet. It took us about 2 hours to make it through the bush . We arrived back at the hut around 11 pm.

  • Wild horses and Faerie Queen.

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